Dorf mit Weitblick

Zorner Panorama
Imagine yourself in the center of Germany, on a clear day, looking far and all you can see, is the beauty of nature.
Not true? Yes, you can see it within the Taunus, beneath the " Grauen Kopf," where Zorn is situated, surrounded by extensive woodland, where not only foxes and rabbits, but reed deer, wild boars and raccoons wish each other good night.
Zorn is a village that shows not only his visitors a splendid view, it is the ideal place to take walks and roam through nature.

Not only can the visitor look far away. A glance into the past, exploits the more than 800 year old history of Zorn. For instance, when someone muses a moment under mighty beech trees, by Napoleons Rastplatz (a place of rest) one can imagine an army camp, which the French Emperor put up, on his way to Russia.
A look into the Dorfkirche (village church) , where the repaired crest of the Swedish Royal family reminds of the newly build church in the year 1740/41.
The name Zorn (also a German word for Anger, passion, temper) does not necessarily apply to the inhabitants.
The people are a light hearted, friendly crowd, who enjoy many festive activities.
The community got a youth club, choral society, volunteer fire department, motor sport club, disco, festivities and dances.
There is always someone or something to give a reason to celebrate.
With this goes a good Tropfen (a glass of wine) from the nearby Rhinegau, seldom rejected.

You can come to visit if you wish. Zorn will offer you as a visitor, its best.

Herzlich willkommen in Zorn

Blick vom Grauen Kopf im Herbst
c. by Klaus Göddert
English by Hilde Bird